Chanel Shimmer Quarantine Makeup
Vintage Glam Pinup Hair and Makeup Inspo

Pink Bunny

I found a golden egg today. It started to run away when I reached for it.  I assured the golden egg we would just hang out for the day.  I promised I wouldn't crack it. WEBGoldenEggDSC_0013 copy

I couldn't resist but share some more gorgeous glamour.

This statement necklace is handmade with vintage brooches.  The base is three strands of costume pearls.  I added a ribbon so I could wear this statement necklace long or short.  I wrap the ribbon around the metal clasp when I wear it short.  I am actually allergic to costume metals.  As a result, most of my necklaces I create have bases that are wearable against the skin. 

This one-of-a-kind necklace isn't just for a pinup's day out.  I also wear this statement necklace with jeans for a shabby chic look. I love missing old and new elements to create unique looks that no one else will have when I walk into a room.  

Visit and @jeweled bunny to see more gorgeous glamour and get inspired to join me for a trip to the rabbit hole, where statement jewelry is a must-have.

WEBPinupPink BunnyDSC_0150 copy



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