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How To Rise Up Over Nail Drama



Yep everyone is experiencing this period of a time out.  Time outs are usually something we equate with kids misbehaving.  Has the world misbehaved and the universe is giving us a time out?  

It's funny how the simplest things have become essentials or so we thought.  I recently read a post with a girl complaining about her nails and not being able to have them done due to the ban to stay at home.  

The gamut of comments agreeing they need their nails done and this was so wrong.  Have we become spoiled? Did this generation never experience hardship or lived without the delicious details of glamour?  Funny what we took for granted even toilet paper has become very important. There will be no decorating of trees with toilet paper in these days ahead.  

I have searched three stores since the toilet hoarding extravaganza affair seen and talked about on social media.  Nothing in sight it's a paper drought.  As for nail salons forget it. Everone is closed and I'm not complaining. The last time I was in they insisted I wash my hands in front of them but not one person who worked there washed there hands the whole time I was there..sigh.  It's you, really it's not me, a new mentality?

What will we do without our essentials?  Are we a spoiled culture? Once this is over will we appreciate the luxuries of life again or take them for granted? In other parts of the world, people survive daily without nails and toilet paper. Perhaps we will even cook at home all month instead of eating what a concept.   

As for the glamour side of things, perhaps we go without getting our nails finished and learn todo them ourselves or even go natural, and enjoy that type of glamour. It's really up to us to reinvent and adapt to change.  It's not that bad you can still run to the drugstore and grab a bottle of nail polish or polish remover.  

This is your chance to reinvent you. Perhaps this is a good lesson for the world.  Let's have a time out and be self-sufficient?



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