Hello Bunny Lovers

Lots of changes!

I have been taking the last few months to rebrand and redirect my glamour inspirations.  I have started a new jewelry store on Etsy.  You can find me under The Jeweled Bunny.  I am creating rhinestone unique rhinestone jewelry for modern pinups. Keep your ears up to see the new designs.  Join my mailing list so you don't miss a thing. Hop over to my second IG @jeweledbunny to see the jewels.


BunnyEars copy 2

New Videos!

Step right up,  more gorgeous glam videos to keep you shinning inside and out. What would you love to see?  Let me know!




Dear Glamour Lovers!

Dear Glamour Lovers,

I am slowly back posting what inspires me and just having fun with new ideas.  I have been taking time out to learn new software.  I have also been revamping my Etsy store and social media look.  Down below is a new youtube intro.  I hope you love it.  

This year I decided to take time off and just play. My idea of playing is creating products, images, and more with no limits.  I'm doing it my way. I will be creating new pinup products for my Etsy store from vintage-inspired jewelry, clothing, and printables.  Visit my store it's your special place for modern pinups with vintage glam dreams.  I have created, vintage-inspired jewelry, clothing, and art printables. On my store is everything from pinup tarot cards to gorgeous jewelry and comfy clothing to keep you shinning inside and out. What kind of products would you like to see?

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New Looks!

Stay tuned creating new images and revamping the marketing look of this blog and other media.  Enjoy these cute gif style pinup vintage glam pieces with the images.  Having a blast recreating with these images.  Can't wait to show you new stuff. Enjoy!  

Comment below what you would love to see more of.  I would love to hear from you!

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Virtual Portraits & Cabinet Cards #sendlove

WEBKrystal Victorian:ModernDSC_4387_no logo

I originally started playing with virtual photography as a way to keep my publication, Dirty Glamour Magazine running during this period of social distancing.  A magazine about glamour transformation I wanted to interview and shoot editorial from afar.  With all the world events of late, I decided I wanted to offer virtual photography to everyone. I felt everyone could benefit by reaching out through images. A lot of photographers are playing with this concept of shooting through the computer.  I wanted to be original and not copy anyone.  I have created my own style for the images. I took this project one step further, I wanted to add a personal touch. I took inspiration from vintage cabinet cards.

Cabinet cards were popular in the later 1800s, people left them with each other after visiting.  The term "cabinet" is due to the fact people displayed them in their cabinets.  For my project #sendlove, after every session, I handmake a cabinet card and mail them out for the client.  You can have a cabinet card sent to family, friends, or yourself.  It is a beautiful way of reminding others of your thinking of them.  It's a treat to receive a card in the mail even if it's a gift to yourself.

I am taking my project and offering it out to the Burlesque Hall of Fame as a fundraiser.  They are raising money to keep their museum open and hopefully present their famous Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender. It usually runs in June but is now rescheduled to August.  For every vintage-inspired virtual session package purchased I donate the proceeds to the museum.  This is a fun way to support the museum and have a beautiful portrait as a memento.

I am hoping the #sendlove project works to add a warm sentiment to a very isolated time. This is my way of creating beauty and harmony where I can in the world.  This is an opportunity for others to #sendlove!

Click the link to learn more


Model: Ruby Miomsa producer of Burlesque Karoke

FBAD_Virtual Portraits


Vintage Glam Pinup Hair and Makeup Inspo

I have been busy revamping the websites. I have added a new policy and pricing info packet for 2020.  Lots of changes I hope you enjoy them!

Here are the latest videos for your viewing pleasure.  Be sure to like sure and subscribe, it helps a girl out. 


Pink Bunny

I found a golden egg today. It started to run away when I reached for it.  I assured the golden egg we would just hang out for the day.  I promised I wouldn't crack it. WEBGoldenEggDSC_0013 copy

I couldn't resist but share some more gorgeous glamour.

This statement necklace is handmade with vintage brooches.  The base is three strands of costume pearls.  I added a ribbon so I could wear this statement necklace long or short.  I wrap the ribbon around the metal clasp when I wear it short.  I am actually allergic to costume metals.  As a result, most of my necklaces I create have bases that are wearable against the skin. 

This one-of-a-kind necklace isn't just for a pinup's day out.  I also wear this statement necklace with jeans for a shabby chic look. I love missing old and new elements to create unique looks that no one else will have when I walk into a room.  

Visit www.myjewelrybag.com and @jeweled bunny to see more gorgeous glamour and get inspired to join me for a trip to the rabbit hole, where statement jewelry is a must-have.

WEBPinupPink BunnyDSC_0150 copy


Chanel Shimmer Quarantine Makeup

Staying inspired during lockdown can feel like a challenge.  It's a great feeling to take a shower, get dressed and even do your hair and makeup. To keep you sparkling and feeling great I created this video on a few of my favorite products.  You can create the same look or get inspired to create another with the same colors and techniques.

 I am creating makeup videos to keep you shinning inside and out.  I am staying motivated in creating the videos.  Please check out the video and are sure to like, share and click the bell for notifications on my latest video on Youtube.


Blue Bunny

In the rabbit hole, we will walk through gorgeous parks with talking trees. The shrubs sparkle with tiny yellow flowers tinted in gold. The easter eggs hidden are large and gold. The golden eggs sparkle like jewels.  When you crack them open treasures flow from inside.  Join me in the rabbit hole for a special Easter walk.

Wearing my special one-of-a-kind statement necklace.  Tiny vintage birds with blue flowers adorn blue/gray costume pearls. A vintage monkey greets you with jeweled eyes.  It never felt so good to look blue.  Won't you join us in the rabbit hole?


IMG_3970 IMG_3969