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The Baronés Lovey De Luxe is a modern-retro glamour company that strives to inspire people to celebrate and empower themselves through beauty images, services & products.

With a glimmer of Pin-Up, Burlesque and Old Hollywood Glamour, The Baronés Infuses modern-style with the sparkle of nostalgic dreams that echo forgotten glamour.



Her unique designs have caught the attention of famous Parisian shoe designer Christian Louboutin, appeared on Barbie commercials, and graced the cover of Modern Dog and more…  


Welcome! Here is a place for you to indulge in sparkle, glamour and get inspired to dazzle.

Here you can find services & products for you to shine with elegance and edge.


Join the fun, experience a photo session. Inspired by Candy-Coated dreams, Parisian Boheme and Whimsical Fairytales Lovey will help you sparkle.


Baronés Lovey De Luxe brings her bag of tricks to transform you from everyday lovely to sultry bombshell.


 Whether its sparkly bits of inspiration, tips and tricks or just gorgeous finds its a glamour adventure.

Join me:


Glamour, sparkle and more! I hope by adding sweet retro-glamour to your life you never forget how beautiful and unique you are.

Jewels and Kisses,

Baronés Lovey De Luxe

Lovey's Letters

Hey Lover,
This magazine was created to inspire women thinking about a photo session; Boudoir, Pin-Up Vintage, Fantasy.  Getting in-front of the camera can be overwhelming if your not a model.  You want gorgeous images but your just not sure of you, the photographer or the whole idea.
In this magazine I assembled a collection of articles and images inspired from my clients personal stories. There are so many reasons why the everyday lovely decides to have photos of themselves.  I capture some of the wildest stories of why these women took a chance.  You will enjoy this colorful read of modern dilemmas in retro-lover style.  Click to read Lovey's Letters


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Be A Retro Valentine.

Hello Lovely,

New for 2016 be a retro valentine.   Have a gorgeous digital poster or print created as a gorgeous keepsake, gift or  promotional pic. Ask me more about the details!

Booking for Las Vegas Jan 16th-19th,  & Reno Jan 25th-26th, Seattle Jan 31st-Feb 

For More Info: Click Here! or Email baronesloveydeluxe@gmail.com



It's Been a Glamour Adventure

A roller coaster of events and emotions that continue to make my life a work of art versus a disaster;)  I leave 2015 with a gorgeous body of new work.  I have started actively doing Pin-Up sessions. Even though, I have always been inspired by Pin-Up it isn't till now that I am reguarly modeling, photographing and creating the digital work for my images and for others.  

An exciting new chapter in my art process. I am thrilled to be creating a colorful array of images I can have and remember for a life time.  I look forward to submitting these images to magazines and posting for all to enjoy! Here's to new glamour adventurers and new glamour friends.  Looking forward to it all 2016!


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Pin-Up Sessions!


Hello Lovelies,

So excited to announce...New Pin-Up Sessions!  Now booking for Seattle, L.A and Las Vegas! Complete with hair and make-up options. I also have props and key pieces on hand to help you create your dream Pin-Up portrait.  You also have many choices in product items with my Pin-Up Lady packages.



I started creating these solid and digital backgrounds to kick up my Pin-Up sessions. You can choose from different themes, military, holiday or other.  Check back or join me on my Facebook page to see new images.

Look for me in Dianna Prince's GI inspired Pin-Up magazine.  I will be featured in the December issue.  I created a few different military Pin-Up images.  Here is a sneak peak....



I modeled, photographed, created the hair and make-up look and did all digital editing on all the images. If I can do this for me, imagine what I can do for you!

Whats different about my Pin-Up images? I find your best angle and work with you so you love the way you look before I edit.  I want you to be excited before you leave your session. I show you what you look like in the camera so you have a say in your images.

I truly believe its all there, its just angles and believing in your self.  I'm there to help you along teaching you the best poses for your body shape and capturing the perfect expression.

 Trust me to transform you to Pin-Up Purrrfect!


Jewels & Kisses,

Barones Lovey De Luxe


A Pin-Up Halloween

How much fun to look back at these gorgeous Pin-Ups in Halloween fashion.  They all look classy and cute!

3985404419_5c22373986 Cat Vintage-halloween-pinup-veronica-lake Vintage-halloween-pinup-anne-nagel Vintage-halloween3

A Vintage Halloween

Just love these old photos of children in classic costumes, ghosts, clowns, skulls etc.  Remember when you made your own costume? Creepy or Cute?

Creepy-Halloween1 Creepy-vintage-halloween-costumes3

Vintage-halloween-large-msg-135120741375 Creepy-vintage-halloween-costumes27 Creepy-Vintage-Halloween-Costumes-—-11 Halloween_vintage Costume-retro-Halloween-20 5277724533494196_eWNWQjb0_c


How To Wear Pin-Up Jewels - Summer Ideas Tiki Earrings and Wedges

Tiki earrings are back and up on my store pick from a rainbow of colors!  Surgical steel posts make them great for sensitive ears.  Don't see your color?  Ask me for a custom order!

Earrings: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BaronesLoveyDeLuxe

Shoes:  http://www.inkedshop.com/keke-wedges-by-bettie-pagetm-shoes-leopard.html

Bag: http://store.dolcegabbana.com/us/dolce-gabbana/women/onlinestore/bags


Fairytale Boudoir Photography - Create your Dream!

Hello Lovelies,

If you hadn't heard I have been transporting lovelies to a fairytale land of sultry fun!  I new twist on boudoir and portraits are my candy coated dreamy photos.  Its all apart of my glamor concept. Little ways to keep you feeling purrrfect!  I perform the photography, hair & make-up artistry.  If you need some jewels I have those on hand and more fun props. I have put together an array of items to make your photo session experience magical.  To learn more about my boudoir sessions.  Click here!

You're A Jewel. Shine.

Jewels and Kisses

Ruby Nashville 8x10jpg Pout Tub8x10  AnneGoddess8x10 LorealPink8x10 Kym8x10e BLKMASKNASHDSC_67388x10 Fairytale Boudoir FlyierWEBPAGE



New Lookbook/Catalogue for my Statement Bib Necklaces

New Look-book/Catalogue of my gorgeous Statement necklaces. I will adding pics of the hair and cell phone accessories over the next few months but you will be seeing alot of this style for the year.  Hope you love! 



Cover Gatsby Girl


Jewels & kisses